Trinity Church, prominently situated on Main Street in Waltham, is one of the city's most important historical and architectural treasures. The 154' high steeple dominates the downtown area being the highest structural feature in the district.

Built in 1870, the original architectural style would best be described as "carpenter's renaissance revival." Although executed in wood, buildings of this style sought to imitate stone structures. Hence, the original color scheme was probably shades of brown accented by other earth tones in an effort to look like brownstone.

In 1890, a major reconstruction took place in which a massive beamed ceiling supported by eight pairs of matching pillars was installed to stabilize what had previously been an unsupported vaulted auditorium. The steeple was reduced in height by about 10' and the smaller spire on the west front was entirely removed. All of these alterations were done in the then popular "colonial" or "neo-classical revival." Exquisite detail, which remains today, highlighted the interior renovation featuring the glorious palladium Roman arch organ case.

Other major renovations were carried out in 1912 and in 1926. The former center pulpit auditorium became a split-chancel sanctuary. Over the years some unfortunate modernizations occurred. In 1992, the congregation restored the sanctuary to its magnificent 1926 appearance.

The exterior had been dramatically altered in the early 1900s as well, departing from the renaissance revival to neo-classical. Painted white, the building took on its present appearance. Vinyl siding was added in the 1970s.

The congregation has embarked on an extensive and expensive renovation project to be accomplished in stages. The total cost of the project will be about $2,000,000. This involves replacing the slate roof, removing the vinyl siding and residing the building with permanent material, and the repair and renovation of the steeple, the stained glass windows, and all exterior masonry. Interior restoration and renovation will follow the completion of the exterior work. Everything will be done with careful attention to the historically correct detail.

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