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Ministry and Mission

Although this congregation supports the Wycliffe Bible Translators and Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse as our worldwide missions outreach, the primary focus of our mission is the community in which Trinity Church lives - this priority being absolutely essential in these secular times. We give financial, material and personal support to the local Salvation Army, the Christian organization most capable of meeting the needs of often desperate people. But the proclamation of the Word to those who have not heard it - or to those who have only heard the Word spoken of in derogatory terms - has been the primary purpose of all missionary outreach from the first days of the church itself. It's the priority in our Lord's Great Commission. And nothing can be more important in this most secular part of the country.

Ironically, in the past, European and American churches sent out missionaries to the far ends of the earth to bring the saving Word to those who had never heard it. Those persons were called pagans, a non-derogatory designation for those who literally lived in the country. Amazingly, neo-paganism now flourishes in this once Christian area - among city dwellers and sub-urbanites. Hence, in this generation, that same missionary purpose must be applied to those who live right here.

The de facto religion of the majority of the people in this area is secular humanism or neo-paganism even among those who might casually identify themselves as Christians. Most people have committed themselves to the faith and values of self-realization, self-fulfillment, self-gratification and self-glorification. They use this self-centered frame of reference to judge the Church and the faith and values of the Christian religion. Even many preachers in our local churches proclaim a secular message veiled in Christian language.

Trinity Church does not - and will not - do that.

We seek faithfulness to God's Holy Word.

We seek to be our Lord's disciples as we call others into such discipleship.

If you are committed to the proclamation of the Word, we need your generous financial support right here in the birthplace of Christianity in this country. If the Holy Spirit so moves you, please use the paypal service to make your donation or make your pledge by clicking this link

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The congregation at Trinity Church.


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