Polity - Church Government

Trinity Church is an independent, non-denominational Christian congregation. We govern ourselves according to the principles of the congregational tradition meaning that each member has a vote in the business affairs of the church and elects the church officers. The congregation meets once a year in the Annual Meeting at which the congregation elects its officers, approves the budget and deal with any other issues or concerns of the congregation.

The Moderator (president of the congregation) presides at the Annual Meeting and at all meetings of the Standing Committee. The Standing Committee stands in for the congregation when the entire congregation is not in meeting.

The Standing Committee is made up of the Board and Committee Chairs as well as the officers of the church. Trinity Church has two Boards - the Board of Deacons and the Board of Trustees. The Board of Deacons concerns itself with the more spiritual aspects of our church life - worship, music, missions and congregational care and concern. The Board of Trustees deals with the financial and material affairs of the church, budget formation, and all issues regarding the building and the grounds.

Church Committees include Stewardship, Christian Education, Hospitality, Functions and Nominating.

Most importantly, Trinity Church recognizes Jesus Christ as the sole head of the church and takes the Bible as the foundation for both faith and government.