Bible Study

Wednesday evenings, September through June - 7:30, Davis Chapel

The adult Bible study class meets every Wednesday evening, September through June, to study the sacred scriptures of our Christian faith and religion. We usually (but not always) take our text line-by-line. It's astounding what we have learned through this method! Our goal is to determine what the scriptures actually say to us rather than attempting to make them conform to our own preconceived ideas. We also use and incorporate archeological evidence and historical commentary.

We use the New International Version for most of our classes with frequent references to other translations especially the Revised Standard Version and the King James Version. The NIV provides an excellent resource for study while the RSV and KJV offer greater beauty. We use the RSV - and sometimes the KJV - for worship.

Although we teach orthodox Christianity, the class is open to adults from any faith tradition, as well as to the members of Trinity Church. The stimulating discussions often extend well over the hour. We call the Bible "the Living Word" for good reasons; we come alive when we read it. The words of scripture bear witness to the Word made flesh to dwell among us, full of grace and truth. All of us in the class can say that we continually grow in grace as we learn more and more about God's Truth.