One Nation, Under God

As we celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July, we celebrate the birth of a nation and the establishment of a form of government totally unique in all of human history. Despite what atheists and secular humanist media and educators want us to believe, the United States of America was founded as a Christian nation yet uniquely free from a state church.

At that time, every European nation had a state church that all too often functioned as an instrument of political power plays rather than as an institution for the worship and service of God. Our founders wanted to keep the church – all churches – free from the political control of government.

The separation of church and state deals with precisely that issue as the Baptists of Danbury Connecticut feared the persecution of the Congregationalist majority that functioned as a virtual state church. President Thomas Jefferson assured the Baptists that their freedom should be protected. (Please note, the separation of church and state is NOT written in the Constitution.)

This government is based upon a constitution. That constitution LIMITS government’s power, divides what powers have been designated to the government into three separate parts so that each part will check and balance the exercise of all other power. Our Founders understood that power corrupts. In order to minimize that corruption, the government gets as little power as possible and has the aforementioned checks and balances.

Truly, in the USA, the power belongs first to the people. The government is subject to the people and not the people subject to the government. The USA was the first nation in all of human history to be established in this manner – totally unique. Government, with limited power, exists to serve the people, to function at the will of the people and to insure the liberty and freedoms of the people.

Under the American Constitution, the government cannot grant neither can it retract basic and essential human / civil rights because the United States of America recognizes those rights as God given and unalienable. When we speak of one nation under God we mean that all of us – including and especially government officials – remain radically subject to Divine Judgment as we enjoy the grace of Divine Providence. Other nations have followed our example to some degree but none has duplicated what we, at the moment, have.

This had never happened in all of human history. All other nations were monarchies. And even toady, as other nations establish what thy call democracies – REMEMBER – the USA is a republic – not a democracy – they cannot duplicate what we have established.

Essential to liberty and freedom is the necessity of free market capitalism. Whether we like it or not, money is power. In a free society, wealth cannot be concentrated in a few powerful people – neither can it be taken from anyone and redistributed to others. Free competitive markets insure the freedom of each person to generate his own wealth and be free from the domination of a powerful minority that controls the money. Control over our own money is essential to liberty.

Furthermore, with a free market capitalist economy, the United States of America has become the wealth-generating dynamo for the entire world. Nowhere else on earth – and at no other time in all of human history – have so many become so wealthy. This includes you and me. Through free market capitalism, wealth gets GENERATED – NOT DISTRIBUTED. Without free market capitalism – a kind of economic divine grace – the majority of people fall into ever-increasing poverty with those who rule growing in astounding personal wealth and power. Notice how those who currently advocate the redistribution of wealth are personally enormously wealthy? Look at the redistribution politicians currently
in the news. They are among the wealthiest people in the world. Even in this recessive / depressive economy, their wealth grows.

Their wealth will not be redistributed. As they advocate ever increasing taxes they exempt themselves. As they say that they will tax only the wealthy, the wealthy connected to them have ways out of the taxation. ALWAYS an increase in taxation falls on the middle and working classes. Your wealth and mine – modest as our wealth is – will be taken. And as they redistribute our modest wealth, they will take the major portion for themselves.

If the redistributionist’s are true to their beliefs, they MUST divest themselves of their wealth, give it all away, live in personal poverty as seen in monasteries and convents and set the example. This, obviously, is not their plan – nor their intention. I can safely say that we will never see this happen.

All the greatness of America comes from the fact that we are one nation UNDER GOD. Without the One True God, we are nothing. Without Him we have no personal, social or economic freedom. Without Him we will have no wealth. Without the Divine Providence, we will fall into the misery that has characterized most of human history. Without Him, the greatest nation in all of human history will fall. God will never abandon us. But if we abandon Him, all is lost.

As we celebrate this nation’s birth on the 4th of July, we must do so with a firm commitment to stand for the USA as a godly nation subject to the One True God. Recommit yourself to Jesus Christ as the only King and as the supreme ruler and judge of all mankind. Challenge any authority that seeks to control you as if that authority were divine. Remember, all government is your servant. You and I are government’s masters – again, American uniqueness.

Check your children’s and grandchildren’s history books for historical accuracy rather than political correctness, political correctness being the great enemy of Truth. Be sure Christianity is presented honestly as a powerful force of goodness in an evil world. Be sure that socialist experiments are honestly exposed for their brutality, corruption and failure. Remember, socialism fails every time it’s tried. Remember, socialism can only function in dictatorship. Challenge any textbook that distorts our role in human history and in the history of the United States.

Speak with their teachers about the content of the faith and values that they advocate in the classroom. Many teachers casually advocate secularism and socialism through off handed comments and criticisms of our time tested and true values. Make sure that they and the school administrators know that you are watching over your children and will not allow anyone to distort the faith and values that you have set for them. Remember, your children belong to you and not to the state. Remember, the teachers and administrators are your employees, your servants. If they – or any government official – undermine your values, call them to account.

PRAY for this nation. WORK for the advancement of Christian faith and values in every aspect of life. BOLDLY challenge those who advocate against our liberty, our freedom, our faith and us. Our job is to always honor and glorify God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in all that we say, in all that we do and in all that we are. Faithful to Him, we will enjoy the liberty that He intends for us and for all mankind.



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