In the News:

Recent news headlines read, “Saudi Crown Prince Dies” and “Libya’s Liberation Sunday.” These headlines reflect the rapidly changing political situation in the Middle East where heads of state are being toppled, killed or changed by virtue of natural death and liberation seems to be the goal of these changes. In all cases, these Muslim countries may very well be moving away from the past leadership’s open mindedness to Jews and Christians. However bad the former dictators may have been, they did maintain some degree of tolerance for Christians and Jews.

Presently, we read about the persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East. Also he see a significant increase in anti-Jewish rhetoric, not only in Arab countries but also in Europe and among the “Occupy Wall Street” groups. What do we do?

Three things.
1 – Recognized the reality. We must not deceive ourselves that if we’re nice to everyone they will be nice to us. Some believe that Jews and Christians are the “Little Satan” and the “Great Satan.” They seek our destruction.

2 – Keep informed and inform your family and friends of what’s going on. Sadly, mainline news media sugarcoats the reality. Knowing the truth will keep us free.

3 – Pray. Seek God’s guidance in all things but especially in how He seeks to use you for His purposes during these trying times.

When I was ordained almost 40 years ago, the preacher charged me with these three things. “Call things by their proper names., “Preach against sin,” and, “Pray like a fool.” My three recommendations reflect his. Good advice as we continue to proclaim the Good News of our salvation in Jesus Christ.


Global Cooling or Global Warming?

As we continue to hear so much talk about global warming, the actual facts indicate the slightest degree of global cooling. Opinion varies as to the degree to which man affects either the cooling or the warming – but it seems to be just that – opinion. All the scientific facts have been disputed. Fraudulent studies have been revealed. But some still insist that mankind’s use of fossil fuels is warming up the earth while others claim that we’re at the dawn of the next ice age.
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We’re still here!

The end of the world did NOT happen on Saturday May 21st as predicted.  The earthquakes did not come – although floods and tornadoes did. But the world did not end.

It’s always fascinating to see what parts of the Bible people take literally or metaphorically. I am always surprised at Biblical literalists who do NOT take our Lord’s words literally regarding the last days. 
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What’s Happening Now?

Lately, we have heard more talk than usual about the end of history, that we are now living in the last days and that the Lord’s return is imminent. All of this talk arises out of the deeply felt anxiety – not only here in the USA, but also all around the world – regarding the possible fall of every economy and a takeover by tyrannical governments in many, if not in most, nations; or even the establishment of a tyrannical one-world government.
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