Global Cooling or Global Warming?

As we continue to hear so much talk about global warming, the actual facts indicate the slightest degree of global cooling. Opinion varies as to the degree to which man affects either the cooling or the warming – but it seems to be just that – opinion. All the scientific facts have been disputed. Fraudulent studies have been revealed. But some still insist that mankind’s use of fossil fuels is warming up the earth while others claim that we’re at the dawn of the next ice age.

We actually have three questions to think about. Is the earth cooling? Or Is the earth warming? And , If it’s warming, has man caused this to happen? Here’s one fact – no one knows the definitive answer to any of the questions; but some claim that their opinion is the absolute scientific truth.

For people of faith, God plays the major role in all things. Cooling or warming, the world is still held in His hands. Those of us who believe in Him claim this as absolute and ultimate Truth. Science cannot prove us either right or wrong. Science must limit itself to observable and measurable material. Spiritual issues fall outside the realm of scientific investigation. Hence, science cannot judge God.

But God judges science. Science falls under His preview as do all things. His ingelligence judges human intelligence. His work judges our work. So if we’re cooling or if we’re warming we remain in God’s care. We know that the earth will not last forever. It may burn or freeze. But the Word of the Lord endures forever. And those who believe will too.

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